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      From David Peterson on conf-user:

      "It would be nice if you had the option of Copying rather than moving (including child pages and attachments, probably not comments though).

      "In my case, copying would be useful because I have several spaces which are viewable to different groups of people, but are given the same piece of information at different times. I am a teacher at a high school, so I have one private space where I prepare my assignments, and then each class has it's own space. Often, I reuse assignments between several classes (albeit usually with some small adjustments), however they are usually doing them at different times. It would be good to be able to copy my original page (including attachments and child pages) into the particular class' Space, instead of editing the original, copying the text, pasting it into a new page in the Class's Space, then saving the attachments locally and re-uploading them, and then doing the same for any child pages. It gets slightly annoying after the 5th (or 50th) time..."


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