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Easily create a copy of an entire space



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Status Update: 14 March 2022

      My name is Hilary and I'm a Product Manager on the Confluence team where I focus on the Confluence admin experience. Thank you for the feedback and continued discussions on this ticket, we hear you loud and clear and understand that this has been a long requested feature in our product and something that we would love to bring to market.

      While we do not currently have a time estimate for this functionality, we are working on a full revamp of the admin experience and will look to add this to the roadmap as part of that work.

      In the meantime, two suggestions:

      1. Try out one of the solutions for this from our marketplace - there are some great options out there which even have free versions. 
      2. Create a new space and use copy space permissions and copy page together to copy the content and permissions over. You can even copy a page and all of its children, so if you make a container page and put everything else under it, you could copy all children over and effectively copy the entire space.

      I know it can be frustrating to have outstanding asks like this take forever for us to process, but I want to assure you that we hear you loud and clear; we will consider this request in context of a wide range of requests and prioritize the most high impact improvements for all users.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and if you'd like to follow up directly you're welcome to send me an email hdubin@atlassian.com


      Senior Product Manager

      It'd be really very handy to be able to duplicate a space. Export/import only works on 1 space I think (it seems to have lots of integer ids in there so I dare not try exporting, twiddling things and reimporting).

      What would be really nice would be a 'copy space' option where you can duplicate an entire space as a different name/key.

      e.g. setting up projects at codehaus; it'd be good to use an existing space as a base, then copy the entire thing, then after that either export/import to search/replace, or just manually modify pages after that.


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