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Support custom variables in the Default Space Content (homepage) template



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      I'm asking to reconsider the following limitation:

      Default space templates differ from ordinary page templates in that they do not present the user with a form to complete, so variables should be limited to those listed above.

      (Source - Customising Default Space Content)

      It feels like a pretty serious limitation to me. If custom fields can be prompted when creating a new page within a space, why can't there be custom fields when creating a new space? I'd argue that sometimes it's even more useful. Because every space is usually attached to a project, it makes sense to speed up project bootstrapping by providing coworkers with a form that requests things like:

      • Project URL (e.g. test server, production server, etc.)
      • Brief project description
      • JIRA URL (though it's a shame I have to manually assign links between JIRA and Confluence every time, jumping between the two within the same project should be easier)

      And use that information to generate a more useful space homepage.
      This would obviously be faster than first creating a homepage with default contents, hitting edit and inserting information into appropriate places inside the page (which can be long).

      But besides speed considerations, it would also be a mechanism to require people fill out some minimal project information when starting. That is important too.


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