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Image rotation of imported photographs is wrong




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      This may or may not be a duplicate of CONF-17621, about EXIF rotation, marked as "won't fix". I understand from that issue that there is some debate about whether this is Confluence's issue or a browser issue. Let me explain my experience.

      1. I take a picture with my iPhone, it displays it the correct way up
      2. I email it to myself, Gmail displays it the correct way up
      3. I accidentally import it into my Google Drive, it displays it the correct way up
      4. I download it to my Mac, it display it the correct way up
      5. I import it into Confluence, it displays it the wrong way round
      6. I start writing this ticket, and have an idea or two...
      7. I access it in Chrome using a file:// URI, it displays it the right way up
      8. I boot a Windows 7 VM and ping it over there, it displays it the right way up (perhaps a file:// URI in IE6 would be the nail in the coffin?)
      Atlassian Status as of February 14, 2017

      Hi All,

      Thank you for your feedback on this issue thus far. This is certainly an issue which has done its round on the internet over the years for many browser and application vendors alike, with each pointing the finger at each other as to whether the application or browser should observe the EXIF rotation metadata.

      The obvious solution is for all browsers to support the 'image-orientation' CSS, however after many years this is still only supported by Firefox.
      We have explored no less than 6 different solutions to this issue as each brings pros and cons in terms of performance, behaviour and complexity.
      As a result of this exercise, it has been decided that image rotation would be done server side based on the EXIF rotation metadata.

      The actual implementation is somewhat different for Server and Cloud deployments, and thus the rollout/delivery may occur at different times, however is high up in the queue right now.

      Confluence Product Management


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