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2 Byte characters (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) do not display in Powerpoint macro.


      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open Confluence, create a new page
      2. Attach the fonttest.ppt file (attached to this ticket)
      3. Insert Powerpoint macro to the page and choose the file
      4. Save page
      5. Characters display as squares, see attached screenshot


      If you're running Confluence on Linux based OS, please follow the steps outlined in this KB article. Unfortunately, as of now there's no known workaround for Windows based OS yet.

        1. 2ByteChars-PowerpointMacro.jpg
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          Denise Unterwurzacher [Atlassian]
        2. fixed1.png
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          Giang Vo
        3. fixed2.png
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          Giang Vo
        4. fonttest.ppt
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          Denise Unterwurzacher [Atlassian]
        5. Japanese Characters not showing properly due to text boxes.png
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          Monique Khairuliana
        6. Korean.JPG
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          Saleh Parsa
        7. Persian.JPG
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          Saleh Parsa
        8. 스크린샷 2013-03-02 오후 4.01.15.png
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          ChangJoon Lee

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