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Don't send a notification on every pull comment immediately



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      Gerrit (which we switched from to Stash) allows the batching of comments before submitting as a single notification. I had a large pull request with > 100 files changed and my teammate commented on a lot of the files which I got a large thread for in Mail.app which is fine, but I cannot recomment on each one, because that sends him an email for each that he doesn't want since he doesn't thread emails. This turns into an unintentionally passive-aggressive situation since it isn't painful to the person using threaded email views, but it is a huge pain point to those that need to use unthreaded email views in their mail reader, so one person can comment freely and the other can't without causing a deluge of crap in the non-threaded folks inbox.

      However, if we turn off notifications, then he won't know that I commented. So, there needs to be a way to make a number of comments and then send the notification, somehow. I had thought of suggesting that Stash provide an hourly digest of messages, but that wouldn't be immediate and could slow down development. However, if comments are send as a batch in a notification, then there is the change that they would not be sent unless I submitted them, so would require more significant UI/UE changes to the process of commenting.

      This is the most painful thing I've run into with Stash so far, and I think it will take some thought about the user experience to come up with something that will both allow real-time commenting and limit tons of notifications being sent without requiring email to be read in threads. Thanks for any consideration and assistance!


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