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Detect and change the Full Base URL of Confluence in the body of pages



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      Issue Summary

      If you have hardcoded links to attachments or pages and you migrate over to the Cloud those links will be broken.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Insert an attachment on a page.
      2. On the sidebar of the page, click on the three-dotted button select "Attachments" from the menu.
      3. Copy the link, it should be something like this for Cloud https://instance.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/pageid/attachment_name?api=v2
      4. Paste on another page

      Expected Results

      Links would be updated to the new URL and the page id's as well.

      Actual Results

      The links will be broken still pointing to the old instance.


      • Right now, if the Base URL of Confluence is copied and pasted into the editor, Confluence will automatically converts it into a Relative URL. These links works fine after migration
      • Though, full Base URL of Confluence entered via Insert > Link > Web Link are not detected. These links can't be used after migration
      • This behavior currently affects any kind of Confluence migrations, site import, space import, and Cloud Migration Assistant. Since the page id's change, it's very difficult to map those to the new pages.


      We don't have a fix for these links yet. Reach out to our technical support team in order to review the format of the links on your site and confirm if one workaround is feasible for your case.


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