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Expired token causes Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to throw a maintenance message


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      Issue Summary

      When creating a migration plan with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA), if your container token (token create when you log in through JCMA and select your site) is expired, the migration checks will fail.

      Expected Results

      JCMA should advise the user that the token is expired and request a new login to renew it.

      Actual Results

      JCMA allows the user to select a site and fails the pre-migration checks with a maintenance message because of the expired token:


      1. Create a new plan in JCMA.
      2. When you advance to the next screen, click on "Choose Cloud Site" JCMA will redirect you to the Cloud.
      3. A drop-down menu will appear so you can select the Cloud site.
      4. And you should be able to proceed with the migration.

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