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As a product owner, I'd like a days remaining in sprint gadget for the new boards (similar to the days remaining gadget)


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      1. Same defaults when choosing the sprint as in GHS-6467
      2. Needs to take non-working days into account (we should make it explicit in the description of the gadget)
      3. Mimic behaviour of classic version of the gadget otherwise
      4. Wallboard compatible
      5. Call it "Days Remaining in Sprint" gadget

      Development Notes
      Q: What happens if a user doesn't have permission to access a project in the gadget?
      A: No permission error message?

      Q: Will the days remaining be calculated in the server timezone or adjusted to user timezone? (I think it would have to follow the server timezone to be accurate for remote teams)
      A: User's timezone

      Q: Do the days remaining honor the time of day that the sprint ends?
      A: Yes

      Q: What is displayed if there is no active sprint?
      A: No active sprint error message

      Q: What is displayed if the sprint has been closed?
      A: 0 Days Remaining

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