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As a product owner, I'd like a burndown gadget for the new boards (similar to the existing Classic Burndown gadget)


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      • this is to mimic the behaviour of the burndown chart of the board
      1. The sprint value can be chosen by the user. The default value is auto (the one that ends first)
      2. No configuration to change estimation statistic
      3. Needs to be wallboard compatible
      4. Call it "Sprint Burndown" gadget

      Development Notes

      Q: Will Wallboard Mode be compatible for all supported browsers (IE specifically)?
      A: Works but with some adjustments on IE8 (because of quirks mode)

      Q: What if a user does not have permission to see a project configured in the gadget? (either a single project or one out of multi-project board)
      A: Will get an error message saying that the board can not be find

      Q: What if the sprint has run over its end-date?
      A: Same as burndown chart

      Q: Does the y-axis adjust if there is scope addition? Do the tickmarks readjust?
      A: Yes, thanks to flot

      Q: What if there is no active sprint?
      A: Displays a message like "could not find an active sprint"

      Q: What if the active sprint has only issues that are in a project that the user does not have permission for?
      A: Will get an error message saying that the board can not be find

      Q: Can the user hover over data points in the chart?
      A: The user can't for now

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