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Time estimates for sub tasks are not added to the total estimate of a Story in the Plan and Work view.


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    • 6.0.3
    • AgileBoard
    • - Configure Rapid board with "Original Time Estimate" as the Estimation Statistic.
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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Software Server. Using JIRA Software Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When adding sub-tasks with estimations, the Estimation field in the Plan and Work mode are not cumulative.

      1- Add a Story to back log.
      2- Add a Sub Task with 8hrs estimate to that Story
      3- Notice that on the Sprint Marker the "Estimate" field is not updated. Same for the Template view on the right side..

      • If you open the Story outside of the Rapid Board then the time tracking is cumulative.
      • Refer to attachment for a screenshot. The screenshot does not show the Original Estimation for the Sub Task, but it is set to 8hrs.

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