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Project import will break Epic report


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      After a Project import of a JIRA Software Scrum project, the Epic report will not be generated. The root cause of the problem is Jira is not setting correct Epic Link history items during project import.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Perform a Project import of a JIRA Software Scrum project.
      2. Crosscheck the Epic report between the Source and Target - Target instance will not generate the Epic report graph on the page.

      Expected Results

      Epic report to be generated as per the Source instance.

      Actual Results

      The page returns a blank graph:


      1. Grab the issue id and issue key of the epic you want to fix
      2. Execute the following queries:
        update changeitem set newvalue = <EPIC ISSUE ID> where newstring = <EPIC ISSUE KEY>;
        update changeitem set oldvalue = <EPIC ISSUE ID> where oldstring = <EPIC ISSUE KEY>;

        For example, if the epic key is SSP1-53 and the epic issue id is 10049:

        update changeitem set newvalue = 10049 where newstring = 'SSP1-53';
        update changeitem set oldvalue = 10049 where oldstring = 'SSP1-53';
      3. Perform a project reindex.

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