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Project import to allow JIRA Software Board mapping


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      Problem Definition

      As per JRASERVER-28748, during the Project import, the Boards are not going to be imported hence the Sprints to Boards associations will be lost.

      After the project import, we can create the Boards manually or by using some third-party plugin, but this may break the reports. For example, reports such as Release Burndown will only show partial Sprints and some of it will appear missing. Querying the database will return all the missing Sprints.

      Suggested Solution

      During the Project import, provide a wizard where users can map the old Board from the source instance to the new board in the target instance.


      Login to JIRA database and run this SQL:

      UPDATE "AO_60DB71_SPRINT" set "RAPID_VIEW_ID" = <new board ID> where "ID" in (<IDs of missing sprints>)

      Replace <new board ID> with the respective value. <IDs of missing sprints> should be in comma separated list.

      Please test this on a staging server before updating your Production instance.

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