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Sub-tasks should inherit the Epic Link of their parent



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      We do internally developed software capitalization, and our time tracking must align to the epics teams are working on (in our world, epic=project). Because of this, we require all issues to be tagged to an epic. Sub-tasks cannot be viewed in the Plan mode, and therefore cannot be tagged to the epic. In addition, when I create a sub-task, it is not inheriting the Epic link from the parent.

      This causes our time reporting to create orphaned hours for sub-tasks which have no epic.

      When sub-task is created, it doesn't inherit the Epic link from the parent. This creates some issues, like:

      • If a board is configured to use Epics swimlanes and you have visible on this board an Epic, and under this Epic a story and a sub-task under this story, if by some reason the story is not visible on the board (due to filter conditions or status mapping configuration), the sub-task is displayed under the "Issues without Epics" instead of being displayed under the Epic linked to its parent
      • This also causes time reporting to create orphaned hours for sub-tasks which have no epic.

      Defining sub-tasks to inherit their parents' Epic link would resolve both problems

      Please expose the sub-tasks in plan (or make it configurable), or ensure the epic link field inherits the epic attributes of it's parent!


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