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Date range for child issues on roadmap



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    • Our product teams collect and evaluate feedback from a number of different sources. To learn more about how we use customer feedback in the planning process, check out our new feature policy.


      Update from Roadmaps team - 3 Aug 2022

      Hi all, 

      Thank you for your patience throughout this time.  The ability to schedule child/story-level issues with dates is now available for Kanban projects on Jira Software Cloud on Free, Standard, and Premium editions.
      For those customers part of an enterprise edition of Jira Software Cloud, if you have not seen it yet, this feature will be rolled out by September 15th (PST). 

      Our research with agile software teams using Kanban led us to this approach - so thank you for being involved in the EAP or Beta, and for your feedback here. 
      More here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Software-articles/What-s-new-in-the-Roadmap-view-I-m-so-glad-you-asked/ba-p/2077594 

      This feature is not enabled by default on each project, but it’s easy to turn on (if you have project permissions). Learn how to enable child-level planning for kanban teams. The roadmap uses the fields "Start date" and "Due date" to reflect the timeline bar schedule. 

      For scrum teams, child issues are scheduled according to the sprint to which they’re assigned. On your roadmap, the schedule bar for all child issues is the same size regardless of their estimated duration, aligning with the sprints at the top header of the roadmap. You will need to have sprints created with dates to see them on the roadmap. https://support.atlassian.com/jira-software-cloud/docs/schedule-work-for-scrum-teams-on-your-roadmap/ 

      If you have any queries or additional feedback you would like to provide via email or a zoom call, you can contact us here: jira-cloud-roadmaps@atlassian.com

      Thank you,

      Rathesh Richards, Product Manager, Jira Software. 


      Update from Roadmaps team - 07 June 2022

      The feedback that you’ve given here or through other channels has been invaluable in informing our product planning. 

      • We have provided functionality for scrum projects (existing behavior).
        • Once you expand the epic, you will see the stories/tasks and any existing dependencies. If you have scheduled (with dates) sprints in the backlog, the sprints will be displayed in the header of the roadmap. If the story-level issue start/end date has been assigned to a scheduled sprint, each issue will automatically display on the roadmap in alignment with the sprint dates it is assigned (and not from the start/due date fields, if they are being used).
          Example: if a story/task is assigned to "sprint 1" with dates 02/11/22 - 12/11/22, the story/task will be displayed that it will start and end to be delivered in that sprint timeframe.
          Given Jira Software is an Agile project management tool, this follows closely with the Scrum framework, where work is scoped to be delivered within the timeframe of a sprint. https://support.atlassian.com/jira-software-cloud/docs/schedule-work-for-scrum-teams-on-your-roadmap/
        • For Kanban projects, this is currently not possible to show the explicit dates for the child issues. We are currently working on a solution in BETA. Only participants in the current BETA group have the ability to schedule stories/tasks using explicit dates for Kanban projects. Please keep in mind that planning and scheduling issues from the Roadmap not only affects the Roadmap view, but also flows onto the board and backlog. We are gathering the feedback from the wider BETA group to make sure that the dates set, do not impact the development team's existing processes within Agile. We hope to make this available for all Kanban projects on all editions of Jira Software Cloud (including free and standard) by the end of July.

      If you would like to provide specific feedback or chat over a zoom call about your team needs, then feel free to email our team at: jira-cloud-roadmaps@atlassian.com

      Rathesh | Product Management, Roadmaps.


      Currently, we can see only the date range for Epics that doesn't include the start and end date of the child issues.


      Add the date range separately for each child issues.


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