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Insight Automation does not take action when IF condition is met via bulk create


      Issue Summary

      Insight automation fails to take action when triggered by any bulk operation viz., Object Import, Bulk Delete etc.

      Please review the steps to reproduce to understand the issue better.

      This is similar to the bug on bulk delete not triggering an event when there is an IF condition: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSDSERVER-8491 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have Insight automation like

        If the condition need not be that long if you are testing a simple condition.
      2. Once you have the automation in place, please proceed with importing vulnerability object type using Insight NVD Integration add-on
      3. Make sure that the objects that are getting imported have at least one object which matched the 'if condition', so that a Jira ticket gets created as part of automation.

      Expected Results

      Automation is triggered whenever there is a matching condition found.

      Actual Results

      Automation gets triggered but the "then" action is not taken. We kind of understand why this could be happening.

      Few attributes like (affected products, Metrics) are getting updates either after several minutes or hours after the object is created (as part of the import). The attributes are not updated as part of object creation. Since the 'if condition' is triggered only during the create event and not the update event, we are not seeing JIRA tickets created.


      The reason for this occurring is because some attributes, like references, are updated asynchronously in the background after the initial object creation. Therefore, as a workaround there are a couple of possible options:

      1. Listen for object update events in addition to the create events. Care must be taken here though depending on the action being taken to not carryout duplicate actions.
      2. Create a Groovy script which is executed on the update event with additional logic to validate if the action is required or not. For help on the Groovy scripts, see here.

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