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JSD Javascript disbale Inline Edit for Select 2 field



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      This behavior was noticed when using Issue Picker for Jira whereby the added field can be edited when using Edit button but cannot be edited using inline edit.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install Issue Picker for Jira plugin
      2. Create and configure an Issue Picker custom field as a single select. We can use JQL resolution is empty to get all issue or any other JQL as long as it displays a list of issues.
      3. Add the field to JSD screen.
      4. Visit one of the issues via view issue page in JIRA.
      5. Now try to use inline edit.

      Expected Results

      The field can be edited as the option to select the list in the field is available in the drop down.

      Actual Results

      Once we click inline edit and choose a new value the details are not saved


      The developer for the plugin have tested the behavior and shared with us on their insight.

      1. Current design code in service desk seems like disabling the inline edit as shown below
        JIRA.bind(JIRA.Events.INLINE_EDIT_BLURRED, function() { AJS.log('blurred...'); console.trace(); });
      2. As soon as you try to open the select box in inline edit mode, the event is fired and inline edit mode is cancelled.
        The stacktrace shows that the minified JS of Jira Service Desk is what fires the event. The offending module is:
        /* module-key = 'com.atlassian.servicedesk.frontend-webpack-plugin:context-jira.view.issue', location = 'jira.view.issue.bundle.js' */

      Possible Solution

      Make sure only select2 fields with certain data- fields or CSS classes are used, so that JSD doesn't cancel editing for other fields. (courtesy of the plugin vendor)


      Currently, to edit the value of the field instead of using inline edit, users can use the edit button available in view issue page.


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