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Service Desk Add-on changes behavior of Checklist add-on




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Installing JIRA Service Desk Add-on on JIRA 6.4.12 changes the behavior of the Checklist Add-on.

      Service Desk seems to enable "Save on blur" for the Checklist Customfield. This custom field cannot work with the normal Blur Trigger as items such as menus are created outside of the DOM for the Checklist Field.

      Projects not under Service Desk are not affected by this.

      This is extremely problematic as it causes important lost of functionality for the Checklist Add-on.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Install Checklist Add-on
      • Create Checklist Customfield, add options and add it to a Service Desk project screen
      • From Service Desk, select an issue
      • Enter inline editing for the Checklist directly in the Issue Details View
      • Modify the Checklist by adding items
      • Select top right gear menu on the Checklist Header
      • Select "Check all items"
      • Checklist will start a "save on blur" and will not properly commit the changes. (Checklist did not enable "Save on blur" since it has elements such as menu which resides outside the customfield DOM. However Service Desk seemed to have enabled the behavior).
      • Redo from step 3 but click on the issue Edit button.
      • Close Edit dialog
      • Checklist has now lost its "save of blur" trigger.


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