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Custom field configuration for a request type will be lost when add-on / module is disabled


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      Custom fields provided by add-ons can be added to the customer portal. When these add-ons are disabled and the customer portal or request type configuration page (/servicedesk/admin/<pkey>/request-types/request-type/{id}) is visited, these custom fields will be removed from the configuration. Re-enabling the add-on will not bring them back. Users will have to manually add and re-configure the custom field to get it to work.

      This also happens for custom fields provided by default (eg. URL, Number, etc). Steps to reproduce below uses the default custom fields to reproduce

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Service Desk project
      2. Create a custom field of type Number Field and add the field to the appropriate Service Desk screen
      3. Configure one of the request type for the Service Desk (/servicedesk/admin/<pkey>/request-types/group) and add the custom field to the request type
      4. Verify that this field is visible when visiting the Customer Portal
      5. Navigate to the Manage add-ons page, filter for All add-ons and expand Custom Field Types & Searchers. Load all modules and disable the Number Field module (Because we used Number Field in step 2)
        • This simulates a disabled add-on when a custom field from an add-on is used instead
      6. Refresh the customer portal page where this field is visible in step #4
        • Either that, or refresh the request type configuration page where you added this custom field (eg. /servicedesk/admin/<pkey>/request-types/request-type/{id})
      7. Repeat step 5 but this time enable the Number Field module instead
      8. Refresh the page in step 7 again

      Expected Results

      1. Once the module is enabled, the field will re-appear in the customer portal and the configuration page when they are refreshed

      Actual Results

      1. The field doesn't re-appear and users will have to manually add the field again
      2. When checking the AO_54307E_VIEWPORTFIELD table in the database, we can see that the relevant row is removed from the database after step 6 when the customer portal or configuration page is refreshed/loaded


      • If these pages aren't loaded/refreshed when the module/add-ons is disabled, the custom field configuration will remain
      • This is raised as a Suggestion because it is intended behaviour. This feature is meant to automatically remove obsolete fields from the customer portal.

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