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"View error details and repair the problem" link not working



      On a JIRA Service Desk instance with JIRA Software once removed from the same instance, clicking on the link to view the error details and repair the problem doesn't work.


      A JIRA Service Desk instance with JIRA Software removed from the same instance

      Steps to reproduce the issue

      1. Create a new Service Desk project or go to any existing Service Desk project.
      2. Go to Project settings.
      3. Go to Screen.
      4. Remove Summary field from the screen.
      5. Go back to the Service Desk project's Queues page.
      6. An error will appear on the top right side of the page with a link to View error details and repair the problem.
      7. Click on the link.

      Expected result

      A dialog box with the details of the error will appear.

      Actual result

      The link is clickable but no response.


      • Use the URL below to view the error. Make sure to replace {Project_Key_Goes_Here} with the Key of the impacted project
      • Reinstall JIRA Software application into the instance would fix this too.

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