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Unable to create comments using JSD API as the Portal User reporter


      As a Portal user X, I'm unable to create a comment using the JSD API as per JSD-1505, only Agents seem able to do this. It seems only users with application access can use the API. Is it expected that Portal users (without groups, having only Customer role membership) don't have that application access and are therefore unable to use the API, bug?

      final ServiceDeskCommentCreateParameters publicComment =
                                   .body("This is a public comment")
      serviceDeskCommentService.createServiceDeskComment(user, publicComment);

      The comment returned is null, there is an embedded error:

      You don't have permission to access this Service Desk.

      It feels like a bug because, as that same user via Portal I can add such comments.

      This is stopping me using the API to create 'guaranteed' Public vs Private comments for Customers / Agents.

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