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Customer can't raise an issue when he adds an emoji in his text


      Actual behaviour

      When a customer user JIRA Service Desk from a mobile device or a Mac he will tend to use an emoji like :poop: when something goes wrong or :thumbsup: when his issue is fixed really fast.

      When he do this, he can't raise his issue or add comment. See attachted file.

      Expected behaviour

      There are different ways to fix:

      • Make the error message more user friendly so the customer knows what is the problem.
      • Ignore / cut off the emoji from the input field and let the issue create without the emoji
      • Make emoji availible (https://github.com/arvida/emoji-cheat-sheet.com)


      I read this KB https://confluence.atlassian.com/x/0w6gGQ with PostgreSQL as Workaround. Because i use MySQL i can't try if JSD will work with that or not.

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