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Knowledge Base article from agent / issue view has spacing issue


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    • 5.0.0, 4.20.9, 4.22.3
    • 4.13.0, 4.21.0, 4.22.0, 4.20.7, 4.22.2
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      When using agent / issue view to view a knowledge base article, the pop up displays the article with very large top and bottom spacing, forcing the user to scroll down to be able to view the entire content of the article.


      Happening with both Chrome and Firefox

      Jira Confluence
      4.20.7 7.17.1
      4.21.0 7.17.1
      4.22.0 7.7.3
      4.22.0 7.17.1
      4.22.2 7.7.3
      4.22.2 7.17.1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install JSM and Confluence
      2. Create some pages in Confluence (I used the Demonstration space)
      3. Link Service project to Confluence for Knowledge Base
      4. Create a request with a summary which would have some related knowledge base suggestions
      5. From the Agent / Issue view, click on the article in the 'Related knowledge base articles' section

      Expected Results

      Article displayed fine with no spacing issue, using the entire pop up dialog

      Actual Results

      Article displayed with excessive top and bottom spacings, make the article 'unreadable'


      No known workaround


      • Only happening in Agent / Issue view. Does not happen in Customer Portal view

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