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SSO option at the JSD Portal



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      The request:

      This feature request is to request the possibility of adding an SSO button at the portal that will direct to a custom URL ( Identity provider SSO URL ) or https://id.atlassian.com, and it should be a configuration for the JSD project to enable or disable this button, once not all customers will have this need.

      Use case:

      Let's use 'Test User' to explain the scenario.

      Atlassian account 'Test User' has on Atlassian site: test.user@domain.com
      The email it uses to login in at the IdP: test@domain.com

      The issue here is that when 'Test User' goes to https://<site>.atlassian.net/servicedesk and informs the email address test@domain.com it isn't redirected to SSO for authentication and the Portal request his password ( because the Atlassian account at the site is test.user@domain.com ).

      This is an issue for JSD SSO customers that map different email information than the one used at the IdP for Atlassian, hence Atlassian accounts that only have access to the JSD Portal may experience issues to login once they don't know what email information should be filled at the portal.


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