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Make field required only for one state transition


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update – 20 July 2016

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for voting and commenting on this issue. Your feedback is key to helping us understand how you use JIRA so we can continue improving your experience. We have reviewed this issue over the last few days.

      The Field Required Validator for workflow transitions has been incorporated into Jira Cloud as a native feature. For JIRA Cloud customers, we recommend using this validator as the most direct way to resolve this use case.

      For Jira Server/Data Center customers, the validator is only available by installing the JIRA Suite Utilities plugin, which is a paid add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.

      Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.

      Dave Meyer
      Product Manager, JIRA Platform

      Original request description:

      The reporter can not add an issue when he has no resolve permissions and the "fixed Version" field is a required field.

      As a JIRA Administrator I want a "Fixed version" to be a required field when resolving. But it seems illogical that someone reporting an issue should enter the field. This applies to other fields as well.


      The JIRA Suite Utilities provides a fields required validator that can be configured to set fields required on specific transitions.

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