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@mentions does not display the expected users and instead it displays less relevant users when a surname is short (i.e. two letters) and there are other users that have those letters somewhere as part of their username


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    • 7.2.6, 7.4.4, 7.2.12, 7.2.13, 7.2.14, 7.2.15, 7.13.0, 8.22.2
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      The @mentions search does not display the relevant users, however it displays others that are less relevant to the specific search
      when a surname is short (i.e. two letters) and there are other users that have those letters somewhere as part of their username. As the rest API call returns only 10 results sorted by user name it can happen that more relevant results will be filtered out due to sorting them by user name.

      For example if I have the following 5 users with last name "Ha" that we can call "set A"

      Ha Alex - username: alexha@example.com

      Ha Charly – username: chha@example.com

      Ha Daniel – username: daha@example.com

      Ha James – username: jha@example.com

      Ha Keiran – username: kha@example.com

      and also have the following users with "ha" somewhere in the user name, that we can call "set B"

      Haff Albert – username=aahaff@example.com

      Hall Adrian – username=adhal@contractor.example.com

      Haang Albert – username=ahaang@contractor.example.com

      Habbs Alex – username=ahabbs@example.com

      Habdd Anton – username=ahabdd@example.com

      Haffman Alex – username=ahaffman@example.com

      Halknar Ariel – username=ahalknar@example.com

      Hams Albert – username=ahams@example.com

      Hanga Alex – username=ahanga@example.com

      Hax Anton – username=ahax@example.com

      when issuing the @mentions as "@ha" the rest api call will return all the users in set B as it is sorted by user name, however for the end user is more relevant to find the users that have "ha" as surname which would appear on the list if the rest api call would return 15 users instead of the hardcoded value of 10. Then I believe that the algorithm that JIRA has to display the most relevant users would display those with Ha surname first, however we do not reach that point as the result set has only the users that do not have an Ha surname.

      Obviously, the more users a customer would have to more likely they will find this problem.


      • JIRA 7.2.6

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up a JIRA 7.2.6 vanilla instance
      2. Create the users detailed in the example above (both sets A and B)
      3. Goto Comments in one issue and type @ha, then the user in set "B" will be displayed rather than the users in set "A"

      Expected Results

      The users that are most relevant to the @mentions search should be displayed

      Actual Results

      Users that are less relevant to the search are displayed.


      Changing the user name in a way that will be sorted before others will workaround the issue, however with a big number of users it is not possible to change each one to make it appear as it should.

      Additional Comments

      I believe the same problem would happen with short names, however for creating this bug only short surnames were tested.

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