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Not able to migrate user from 1 directory to another directory


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      Atlassian Status as of 10 April 2012

      Hello All,

      Many thanks for your feedback on this issue.

      After following the thread here and also researching the related support tickets we've identified four main areas that can be broken down into two main paths:

      1. Migrating whole directories:
      1.1 Internal to Internal with Delegated Auth
      1.2 Internal with Delegated Auth to Internal


      2. Migrating users from one directory to another:
      2.1 Individually
      2.2 All users in a directory

      We have started working on a fix for 1.1 and 1.2 and we believe this will solve most the of the problems outlined in our research thus far. We hope to finish up this fix in the next few weeks and release it in 5.0.x.

      We'll continue to update this issue as more information comes to hand.


      Roy Krishna
      JIRA Product Management

      Once a user created in 1 directory, there is no way to migrate the user to other directory. For example, migrate the user from Internal Directory to internal directory with LDAP Authentication (LDAP Delegated Authentication).

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