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Alternate to "delete user" -- leave user in Jira but actually disable



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      People leave. They get fired. They die.

      But through all that they are still in Jira. We change their password to a random one, and edit the email address. But this still clutters up our lists of assignable users, and occasionally results in a dearly departed getting assigned an issue. Jira prevents us from deleting them:

      This user cannot be deleted at this time because there are issues assigned to them, they have reported issues, or they are currently the lead of a project.
      Please note that any components with this user set as the lead will have the component lead set to empty when the user is deleted.

      I am aware that we can bulk assign the reporter to someone else... but then we loose valuable at a glance history. What we'd like is to really disable the users, without deleting them.

      There are many dupes of this report, most closed as "won't fix".


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