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Provide an extra permission to import a fix named CSV file with a fix named mapping file



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      When creating a new JIRA project, we use the function "import data from CSV file" to create some initial issues we need in every project.
      Both steps, creating the project and importing the data, are done by our JIRA admins. This is ok for setting up a new project.

      Now we found it helpful also to import CSV files created from an Excel file which is written during testing with one of our customers. This works fine!
      The problem: if more of our project managers hear about this smart import feature, our JIRA admins will not do anything else but importing CSV files

      I would appreciate the following feature:
      1. A special permission "Import issues from CSV file" that I can grant to project managers.
      2. A dialog that requires this permission, and that allows only the CSV file import, perhaps with fixed names for CSV file and mapping file.


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