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Creating a new issue or editing existing issue can show a default sample value of 2/18/1993 for any date or date/time field





      In the new issue view, both within an existing issue, as well as when using the new issue create screen, any date fields that appear on the screen without a value set, can show a grayed out sample value of 2/18/1993.
      Note that this value is never actually being saved to the issue, and the date picker is still defaulting to the current day.

      However this display can cause confusion among users as this date is clearly not what is expected by users. (By default we'd typically expect to see the current date)


      Jira Cloud sites using the new issue view

      Steps to Reproduce

      Creating an issue:

      1. Create a new issue using the Create button in the top navigation bar
      2. Make sure the create screen contains at least 1 field of type date or date/time
      3. Inspect that field (no need to click on it)

      Editing an issue:

      1. With an issue created already, this can also be seen when you click to edit an empty date or date/time field

      Expected Results

      When a field has no value set, we would expect to actually see that field be empty (no values at all) OR we would expect that the display would be in line with what the date picker is defaulting to (typically the current date)

      Actual Results

      Date field itself is defaulting to display a grayed out example value of 2/18/1993
      (Note: this value is never being saved to any issues, this is just a default date of the AtlasKit package.)



      For the create screen there is no work-around.
      For editing existing issues, you can avoid this problem by temporarily clicking through to the old issue view.


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