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Searching for custom fields that share name using JQL does not include all of the fields.




      Issue Summary

      Customers report that searching for custom fields that share the same name using advanced searching does not show all of the fields unless they're different field types.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have two or more custom fields named the same and share the same field type.
      2. Perform a JQL search with the field name. The autocomplete suggestions only show a single field and not all of the possible fields as before.

      Expected Results

      Previously the autocomplete suggestions showed the fields with their field IDs for duplicates and all of them could be added in the JQL search. This is the expected behavior.

      Actual Results

      The completion suggestion shows only one of the duplicated fields with no ID. This leads to JQL searches dismissing duplicate fields unless the CF ID is used.


      • Perform JQL searches using the custom field ID.
        • To obtain the custom field IDs please visit your instance's Custom Field configuration page by navigating to Jira settings > Issues > Custom Fields and find the fields in the list. Then click on the three dots at the end of the row for each field and click Edit details. In the resulting page you'll find the Custom Field ID at the end of the browser's URL.
      • Change the names of the custom fields. This will not impact the existing data in the issues that use the field.


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