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Looping Transitions Workflow returns a Broken link for Advanced Configuration after creation.


      Issue Summary

      Creating a Looping transitions on a workflow from "Any Status" to "Itself" after creation, you cannot be able to use the Advanced Configuration options as the links to it would be broken.


      Jira Cloud

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Goto any Workflow, add the "Any Status" to "Itself" transition and give it a name
      2. Click on the newly added transition, on the right side of the screen where the Workflow Advanced configuration pops up for ( Properties, Conditions, Post-function etc.) 
      3. Clicking on any of those URL links shows a 404 error.

      Expected Results

      The URL link should be able to work

      Actual Results

      The Link appears to have appended a workflow step parameter with "undefined" value and thus returns a 404 page when clicked.



      It seems as though Jira is expecting a workflow Status Step where there's none, as the transition is a loop to itself. Hence the "undefined" value added to the parameter.


      • Save the workflow first before trying to access those Advanced Configuration.
      • Reload the Workflow Configuration Page, before clicking on the Advanced configuration options.

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