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Releasing a version shows the Release Date one day behind the date originally set in Cloud latest infrastructure


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      JIRA will show the Release Date in the Releases tab one day behind the actual release date set with the Release button in the Kanban Board.


      • JIRA v1001.0.0

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the Kanban Board > Click on Release > Click on New Version
      2. Create the Version > Click on an issue and add the version into the Fix Version/s:
      3. Select the ••• menu and click on the Releases tab and it will bring the user to the Releases page
      4. In the page, when checking the Release Date, the day will be shown one day prior to the original date set.

      Expected Results

      The release date would be the same as defined in the version release date. If set on 4th August 2017 should show in the release date as 4th August 2017

      Actual Results

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