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Provide a full solution for long comments breaching the character limit



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Long comments in JIRA can cause performance problems as investigated on JRA-28519
      There is a jira.text.field.character.limit set to 32767 by default in JIRA Cloud.
      This prevents the saving of a comment with a message:

      The entered text is too long. It exceeds the allowed limit of 32767 characters.

      At that point the user needs to either remove characters or copy the text already formatted on the comment to a text file, save it locally and attach it to the issue.


      Provide a full user friendly alternative when saving comments that go over the limit to improve the speed and convenience.

      An idea:

      JIRA prompts to save the long text in an attachment.

      The entered text is too long. Would you like us to create a file attachment with text inside the text blocks?

      JIRA then parse the {code} and {noformat} text into a .txt file and attaches it to the issue.
      Then it adds the comment with the text that was outside the blocks, adds a preview of the blocks text and a link to the attachment containing the full text. If multiple blocks are find, then it does a different file for each one.

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