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Support pre-populating issue fields on CreateIssue.jspa



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      There is currently no way to prepopulate some of the fields in the "Create Issue" page, so the user gets the standard form to fill in his issue details but some of the fields are pre-populated. Ideally that would be possible by passing the fields as UTF-8 encoded URL params to the create issue URL like that:


      This is currently not working. In contrast, it's easily possible to create whole issues, but for this case the user cannot change or add information. For our specific case, the use-case is:

      We are using JIRA not only for support but also as submission tool for data publications, supplementary to conventional academic articles (see www.pangaea.de). The user can create an issue and fill in the authors, title, abstract, license of the academic article and submit the supplementary data to us using JIRA. The JIRA issue is used to track the changes and workflows of the data submission. Often this information can be partly prepopulated on issue creation from e.g. an article citation, library catalogues,... This is especially relevant for invoking CreateIssue.jspa from a library catalogue and just wants to add data to the article at our place. In this case, lots of information on the Create Issue page can be pre-populated, but the user should be able to modify and complete the information.

      We have seen the confluence page about creating an issue with all fields filled out, but in that case we want to probvide the user the standard create issue form (where he can edit/enter the details) before creating the issue. Just a few fields should be prepopulated.

      This should be easily possible by modifying the JSP page to simply pre-populate the value="" of the <input> fields based on the URL parameters.


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