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Custom fields in worklog for calculating not time spent only, but produced result


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We use JIRA for S/W projects and thinking of using JIRA for map production. We need to track performance of staff not by time spent only, but number of digitized polygons by each digitizing person. Currently we track this all on spreadsheets - Excels, Word, paper, it's not very efficient and takes much time and efforts to maintain sheets and generate staff productivity reports.

      We want to record work log something like this -

      User Date/Time Time worked Polygons
      John Smith 19/Jul/07 18:02 6h 33m 46
      John Smith 19/Jul/07 19:43 27m 17
      Alex Johns 20/Jul/07 17:30 9h 11m 75
      John Smith 22/Jul/07 17:57 7h 12m 37
      Alex Johns 23/Jul/07 18:03 10h 40m 74

      In addition to work log, would be good to have custom to Estimate work in polygons used in conjunction with the work log - automatic subtraction of number of processed polygons from original estimate.

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