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Priorities per Project and Resolutions per Issue Type


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Status as of 23 December 2015

      Dear Commenters, Voters, Watchers and Everyone else,

      Thank you to everyone who has voted or commented on this suggestion. Suggestions like these are feedback-rich and provide insight into our customers multitude of use cases. You can learn more about our product prioritisation process here.

      We’ve spent a significant amount of time determining our product investments in JIRA over the next 12 months. Unfortunately, we are not planning on addressing this in the foreseeable future.

      I’ve updated the description of this issue to highlight the known suggested workarounds.

      I understand that this may be disappointing, but we believe it’s important for us to be open, honest and transparent with our customers. Please don't hesitate to comment or contact me if you have any questions.

      Kerrod Williams
      Kerrod (dot) Williams (at) atlassian (dot) com
      Product Manager, JIRA

      Original request description:

      As a JIRA Administrator I need more granular configuration for my projects:

      1. I want to be able to specify different priorities for different projects instead of having a global priority list. The current global priority can be used as a default, but I would like to be able to change them per project.
      2. Depending on the issue type, the resolution may be different. For example: in case of bugs, the resolution may be set to "fixed", but in case of improvements there is nothing to fix and the resolution should rather be "implemented". I need to be able to specify the default resolution separately per each issue type.

      Potential Workarounds:
      There are some workarounds that can provide some solutions to this issue:

      • Custom fields for priorities and resolutions can be used on a per-project basis.
      • Customizing velocity templates to limit the visible priorities and resolutions per project, similar to what's posted below (though this approach does not apply for JIRA Cloud customers).


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