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Need a "Issue Type Resolution Scheme".



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      We use JIRA enterprise and need to use a different set of "Resolutions" for each issue type (to avoid showing the use a long list of resolutions where some are not applicable for the current issue type).

      The only way to avoid this seems to be to create a separate workflow for each issue type and then use the "jira.field.resolution.exclude" propery for the "Resolve Issue" transistion to limit which resolutions are presented to the user.

      This solution (the only solutionI know of) requires that a separate workflow be created for each issue type. We really want to use the same workflow for each issue type. But we do want to specify a custom set of resolutions for each issue type. When we do need to change the workflow (i.e., add or modify steps or transistion), we are forced to make the same changes to each workflow for each issue type.

      This could be avoided if Atlassian introduced the concept of an "Issue Type Resolution Scheme". This would be a scheme where each issue type could be mapped to a set of resolutions. With this feature, we could use a single workflow for each issue type and we could have a custom set of resolutions for each issue type.


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