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Export CSV - Ability to export Team field by name rather than ID



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      When exporting issues via CSV, the Portfolio field "Team" is exported by ID rather than by name. While this format is better for further JIRA imports, it is not human readable and isn't helpful for those cases where the export functionality is used to produce reports.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Portfolio Project.
      2. Create a Team under the project. Ex: "Team Jira".
      3. Configure the scope, associating a team (and a board) to the project.
      4. Raise a ticket, assigning it to any specific team in the project previously configured.
      5. Go to the Issue Navigator and export the issue to CSV (All Fields).

      Expected Results

      You should see the team name under the "Teams" column.

      Actual Results

      You will see the Portfolio Team ID for the team configured for the issue(s) exported.


      Workaround 1:

      1. Open the HTML file in Excel.
      2. Copy the headers + data part in a new spreadsheet, then save it as CSV.
      3. The resulting CSV file will include the team name instead of the ID.

      Workaround 2:

      Export as CSV, obtain a list of TeamID -> Team Name mapping, then use Excel to VLOOKUP the ID to NAME

      1. Export the file to CSV
      2. Issue a REST API GET /rest/teams-api/1.0/team. , which provides a list of Team names and ID's. Transform this to a CSV. IF you have curl and jq available:
        ➜  logs curl -u jira_username:jira_password http://mars_jira/rest/teams-api/1.0/team | jq -r 'map({id,title}) | (first | keys_unsorted) as $keys | map([to_entries[] | .value]) as $rows | $keys,$rows[] | @csv' > output.csv

        output.csv example:

        1,"TEST board Team"
      1. Finally, add a new column in the issue export CSV, and use Excel's to VLOOKUP to map the Teams CSV ID to NAME


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