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Program Board History: Page Failing To Load


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      Issue Summary

      Customer with large amounts of history data are unable to view program board history as it takes a long time to load. If it eventually loads and displays some records, on attempts to scroll through, the browser crashes with various errors such as "Out of Memory". The large amount of data is because the history for all programs is being loaded at once.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On a Jira Instance with large amount of History data
      2. Select a Program and PI
      3. Open Program Board
      4. Select History

      Expected Results

      The history page displays records for only the Program selected in the navigation bar

      Actual Results

      The page attempts to load all history for all programs and due to the size of the data, the page fails to render.


      Affected users can view the program board history for one Feature at a time, by;

      • Select the Feature on the program board
      • On the quick view Features slide out page, select "Click Here" in the Details item
      • On the pop up page, view the "Change History" section

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