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Roadmap Notes from Jira Align are not populating in the EI Epic's table



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      Issue Summary


      The issue reported was that the "Roadmap notes" were not being synced to EI, which means, the field [Status Reports Notes] from the "Epic" table of Enterprise Insights is not syncing with Jira Align anymore.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On Jira Align, go to Roadmaps
      2. Create a note for an Epic on the Roadmap grid
      3. Wait for the sync with EI
      4. After sync, run the query:
        select [Epic ID] , [Status Reports Notes] from current_dw.Epic
      1. The field is not being synced



      Expected Results


      The EI syncs the "status reports notes" from Jira Align and shows it in its Epic table.

      Actual Results


      The column [Status reports notes] of EI is not being synced from Jira Align to EI.


      After an internal investigation, it was observed that there's a bug in Jira Align currently.

      "Column [DateUpdated] from tblNarration only gets populated if the Epic note was added via Status reports.
      But if the note was added/updated via Roadmaps, that column is not populated. That's why the users cannot see the data in the DW.


      However, if we update anything on Epic related, or just click on "save and close" to change anything, the EI sync the [Status Reports Notes] field.
      In my example: 

      • On Jira Aling -> Roadmaps, create a note for the Epic.
      • On Jira Align, open the Epic related, and click on "save and close".
      • Wait for the sync.
      • The [Status Reports Notes] field will be synced in the EI.


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