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Importing Stories with state '5 - Accepted' shows success but doesn't save the state


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      Issue Summary

      Importing Stories with state '5 - Accepted' shows success but doesn't save the state.

      New imported stories have 'null' as their state, while existing stories are not changed to '5 - Accepted'.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Use excel to import some stories and specify 5 - Accepted as the state
        1. The 'View info' dialogue highlights the state in red but allows import anyway
        2. Clicking 'Import Data' shows all stories were updated successfully
      2. Observe that new stories show as 'Ready to Start' in Story grid
        1. When opening the details panel, can see no state is selected
        2. Can see 'null' as the value for state when checking the story via API
      3. Existing stories are not modified to Accepted state

      Expected Results

      It is expected that stories are modified to '5 - Accepted' state as this is an option in the import template.

      Actual Results

      UI says stories are updated successfully, but the state is either null for new stories or unchanged for existing stories.


      Using the Import Template (found on the Import page) and filling in the Accepted Date column will change the state to Accepted. However users need to be careful when pasting the existing exported stories into the template as the column order does not match and empty values may overwrite story fields.

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