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Enterprise Insight - Add "Product" data in the "Idea" table


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      Hey, Team


      It would be great if the table "Idea" recorded the information about the product that the user selects when creating an idea into ideation.

      select * 
      from current_dw.Idea 
      where Idea.[Idea ID] = 97


      Idea ID Idea Title Idea Description Idea Group Name Idea Status Customer Name Category Name Category Short Name Functionality Name Impact Text Scenario Text Public Flag External Created By Flag External Owner Flag Creator Full Name Owner Full Name Parent Object Type Parent Object Name Parent Object Relationship Type Rank Long Term Rank Near Term Date Created FK Idea Group ID FK User Created By ID FK User External Created By ID FK User Owner ID FK User External Owner ID FK Agile Object ID FK Epic ID FK Capability ID FK Feature ID FK Story ID
      97 LUIZ LUIZ Enio group New Company A Enhancement ER       No No No Luiz Felipe Arruda Luiz Felipe Arruda     9999   ############ 19 661822 0 661822 0 0 0 0 0 0


      Currently, in current_dw.Idea and export_dw.Idea we can't get the information about the product that was related to the idea. It will only work if the idea is related to a feature, then we can join the tables idea, feature, and product.




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