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Product field is not searching item in Feature screen


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      The Product field has an unexpected behavior when searching and selecting a child Product on a Feature work item.

      When Jira Align has registered products, and these products have children, when we use Feature's search, we cannot select the child product unless the parent is shown on the search as well.


      Example: if you have a Parent Product named ProductParent and a child product named ProductChild

      Typing Product on the search field will show both Parent and Child Records, then it is possible to select both.

      Typing ProductChild will only show the ProductChild and it is hidden after a second, not allowing selection


      Jira Align Cloud 10.112.2

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Product and a child product
      2. Go to Feature -> Product
      3. Use the field Product to filter by product.
      4. Search for a child product.

      The issue is reproduced in the gif below:

      Expected Results

      The Product field loads the product filtered, in this case, a child product.

      Actual Results

      The child product vanishes from the list. 

      However, if we search for the parent product, the field will return the parent product and its children's product.


      Search for the parent group of the Application in the search box and the actual Application should pop up under the parent group.



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