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Setting multiple Release Vehicles in the filters shows duplicate feature rows in the roadmap.


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      Issue Summary

      The same feature is displayed in multiple lines of the roadmap due to multiple Release Vehicles (RVs) being selected in the Configuration Bar Filter, where the feature is linked to more than one RV. This makes the roadmap difficult to manage / interpret if a large number of features are involved where a hight proportion of them are connected to multiple RVs.

      There is a drop down that gives a choice between Work and Release Vehicle but this changes the style and information displayed when a Gantt Chart style view is required 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In a configuration with multiple Release Vehicles (RVs), link a Feature to more than one RV
      2. Goto Program > Roadmaps
      3. Set the Configuration Bar Filter, set
        1. a Portfolio
        2. a PI
        3. RVs covering all those linked to the Feature
      4. For the dropdowns set
        1. Work
        2. Features (or Features by Capability)
      5. If Features by Capability is set then expand the Capabilities
      6. Review how many times the feature from step 1 is shown in the results.
      7. If the filter is changes do only 1 Release Vehicle is chosen then only 1 entry for the feature is displayed

      Expected Results

      A feature associated with multiple release vehicle should only show in one row of the  roadmap that is filtered by multiple release vehicles

      Actual Results

      The feature associated with multiple release vehicles is displayed in multiple rows of the road map times. The diagram below (which comes from a test environment so contains no user data) shows the issue. The gold arrow shows 2 RVs in the filter. The red arrows show a feature that is displayed over 2 rows


      Configure the filters for only one Release Vehicle (RV) at a time, and reset the filter to each RV as needed.

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