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Quick Select on Program Room throws an error "Not all shared filters could be applied to the page view."


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      Filtering the Date range under the "Quick Select" of Program Increment on the Program room screen throws a below error.

      Not all shared filters could be applied to the page view.
      The page is now filtered by only those applications for your permissions. Contact your system administrator to request additional access.



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate the Program Room
      2. At the top filter select a program and also filter on PIs, use the Quick Select options and select the 1 year.
      3. Then the alert for the Shared Filters pops up
      4. When the user clicks continue the page refreshes and the alert appears again.

      Expected Results

      Filtered PI's to list for the chosen date range.

      Actual Results

      Quick Select triggers the error, Clicking Continue and refreshing the screen session does populate the error again.


      1. Navigate to any screen aside from the program room.
      2. Clear the PI on the T1 filter using Reset
      3. Select the PI again and make sure not to select any quick select.


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