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No logging for when an item is deleted in Jira Align (when deleted status is set in Jira)



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    • 10.106.0
    • 10.99.2, 10.99.3, 10.100.2
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      Issue Summary


      Having a status synchronization for "Delete" status between Jira and Jira Align. When a work item is moved to the Delete status on Jira, the synchronization triggers a hard delete on Jira Align, and there is no entry on [AgileCraft].[dbo].[tblAgileStoryAudit] that indicates when the work item was deleted. 
      As there is no indication on [AgileCraft].[dbo].[tblAgileStoryAudit] of the record being deleted, the Enterprise Insights table current_dw.[Story Log] does not have this information as well and it leads customers to inconsistent Reports

      For example: when looking at team commit data, we cannot tell if a story is committed to be delivered and then deleted (post-commit). The data in the history table is based on the last change to the story prior to the delete action.

      This issue does not happen when deleting from Jira Align - It updates the InRecyclebin to 1 and adds an entry on the [AgileCraft].[dbo].[tblAgileStoryAudit]  indicating when it happened.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have a Jira Delete status mapped to the Delete Status on Jira Align
      2. Move a work item on Jira to the Delete Status

      Expected Results

      • An audit log entry on the table [AgileCraft].[dbo].[tblAgileStoryAudit] indicating when the work item was deleted by the connector. Consequently, this information will reflect on Enterprise Insights on the current_dw.[Story History] 

      Actual Results

      • There is no indication of when and the author of the Delete action of the work item


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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