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Date format changes to US when creating objectives of any tier on Chrome browser



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      Issue Summary

      When creating objectives of any tier in Jira Align and populating date fields for hard date and target start date, if we are using Chrome browser with the advanced settings for the language being set to English (Australia), the date format changes to US date format after adding the objective. This issue is occurring only on the objectives creation screen, but not on other object creation screen that uses the same date fields.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In chrome browser go to Settings -> Advanced -> Languages.
      2. Set preferred language to English(Australia).
      3. Login to Jira Align and navigate to objectives.
      4. Create an objective at any tier.
      5. Fill in all the required fields and populate the hard date, target start date and target end date for the objective by using the date picker.
      6. The date format is set to English(Australia).
      7. Save the objective and close the screen
      8. Open the objective just created and scroll to the date fields.


      Note: This issue is only in the chrome browser. It works fine in other browsers. When I tried the same steps for features it displayed all the date fields in English(Australia) format.

      Expected Results

      Hard date, target start date, and target end date values are based on the preferred language set in the chrome browser which is English(Australia).

      Actual Results

      Only the target date is displayed in the correct format but the hard date and target start date fields get changed to that of the US date format.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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