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Expanding Feature Backlog logs out user and throws error in the backend



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      Issue Summary

      Feature Backlog (>2000 Features) logs out users - and throws errors in the backend

      RPM_GET_BACKLOG_PAGINATION_DATA times out and throws ASP error

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Browse to Backlog page
      2. Set Tier1 filter options in COnfiguration bar and choose Features with ~2000 Features or more
      3. Notice user gets logged off
      4. Notice error in Splunk

      Expected Results

      Shows Features

      Actual Results

      User gets logged off message AND sees old UX

      The below exception is thrown in the xxxxxxx.log file:

       ASP_function: OOFunctionsSql.SetRSParamsCursor
         correlationid: APJzIlZDaltNR9E4skXwUDtJna173fXEAnXNYmEhLUA=
         customer_db: Att
         error_description: Query timeout expired
         error_id: 137327
         error_number: -2147217871
         error_source: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0
         log_type: exception
         logfrom_location: Website-ASP
         sql: EXEC RPM_GET_BACKLOG_PAGINATION_DATA '','SET NOCOUNT ON;  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS #tPortfolioRankDisplay;  Select * from (  Select DISTINCT [TotalItemsCount]= COUNT(*) OVER() , 1 AS TypeVal, tReq.ItemSortType, tblRequests.ExternalKey,  tblRequests.Blocked,  ISNULL(tblRequests.Theme, tPTheme.ThemeID) as ThemeID,  tblRequests.RequestID AS ItemID,  tblRequests.Title AS ItemName,  tblRequests.ManWeeks AS Estimate,   tblRequests.MultiTeamFlag AS CompMulti,  tblRequests.Priority AS CertPrio,  tblRequests.Tags,  tblRequests.Points,  tblRequests.StatusID as State, tblRequests.UserID as Owner,  tblRequests.DeliveryState,  tblRequests.EntryDate as CreateDate,  tPset.LifeCycleProgramSetID,  tblRequests.LifeCycleState,  tblRequests.ProductID as ProgramID,  ISNULL(tblRequests.BacklogType,1) as BacklogType,  tblRequests.EpicRank,  tblRequests.GlobalRank,  tblRequests.EstimateTshirt as EstimateTshirt,  tblRequests.Split,  tblRequests.Capitalized,  tblRequests.MMF,  DATEDIFF( day, tblRequests.EntryDate, getDate()) as Age,  tblAgileState.StateDesc,  sx.Full_Name as OwnerFullName,  sx.BubbleColor,  tblRequests.EstimateDate,  tblRequests.StartDate,  tblRequests.TargetDate,  tblRequests.Company,  tblRequests.budget,  tblRequests.Strategic,  [tblDeliveryState].[StateDesc] AS DeliveryStateDesc,  tblRequests.ValueStreamRank,  ISNULL(tportfolio.PortfolioRank, tblRequests.PortfolioRank) as PortfolioRank, tportfolio.PortfolioRank_Display,  tReq.ReleaseRank,  tReq.Rank,  tReq.FeatureRank,  ISNULL(tblAgileTheme.Theme, tPTheme.Theme) as Theme,  IsNull(tblAgileTheme.Rank,'''') as ThemeRank,  ISNULL(tblAgileTheme.ReportColor, tPTheme.ReportColor) as ThemeReportColor,  tblAgileFeatureGroup.GroupName as EpicName,  tblAgileFeatureGroup.FeatureGroupID as EpicID,  tParent.ParentProgramRank as ParentRank,  tParentRelease.Rank as ParentProgramReleaseRank,  tblAgileFeatureGroup.ReportColor as EpicReportColor,  0 as ReleaseProgramRank,  tProgramRankDisplay.ProgramRank_Display,  tSolutionRank.Rank as SolutionRank,  tblRelease.ReleaseDesc,  tblRelease.Short as ShortReleaseName,  tblIterationReportGroup.GroupName as PrimaryProgramName,  tfs.TotalAcceptedPoints, tfs.TotalPoints, Isnull(tfs.TotalStories,0) as TotalStories,  tblWsjf.WSJF, tblWsjf.ItemType, tblWsjf.BValue, tblWsjf.TValue, tblWsjf.RValue, tblWsjf.SValue,  tmp.MultiplePrograms,  ISNULL(TotalMultiplePrograms, 0) as TotalMultiplePrograms,  MultipleProgramNames,  tblFunctionalArea.Function_ID as FunctionID, tblFunctionalArea.Function_Area as FunctionAreaDesc, tWipHistory.DaysInProcessStep, tWipHistory.TotalAllowedProcessStepDays, tWipHistory.TotalTimeInValueStream, NULL as TeamID,  NULL as TeamName,  NULL as StoryCountWithTeam,  tblRequests.LastUpdatedDate,  ''Feature'' as ACItemObjectName FROM  (  select 1 as ItemSortType, RequestID, Rank, FeatureRank, ReleaseRank, tblRequests.ProductID aS ProgramID from tblRequests where RequestID > 0   and tblRequests.ProductID in (223) union  select 2 as ItemSortType, t1.RequestID, t2.Rank as P_Rank, t2.FeatureRank as P_FeatureRank, 9999 as ReleaseRank, t2.ProgramID from tblRequests t1 inner join tblRequestMultiProgramRel t2 on t1.RequestID = t2.RequestID where t2.ProgramID in (223) and t1.ProductID not in (223) and t1.InRecycleBin is null  )tReq inner join tblRequests on tblRequests.RequestID = tReq.RequestID  Left OUTER Join tblRelease ON tblRelease.ReleaseID = tblRequests.ReleaseID  Left OUTER Join tblIterationReportGroup ON tblIterationReportGroup.GroupID = tblRequests.ProductID  LEFT OUTER JOIN [tblDeliveryState] ON [tblDeliveryState].ID = [tblRequests].[DeliveryState]  Left OUTER Join (select *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY PortfolioRank) AS PortfolioRank_Display  from tblPortfolioRankItems where ObjectID = 3   and PortfolioID in (select PortfolioID from tblIterationReportGroup where GroupID = 223) )tportfolio On tportfolio.ItemID = tblRequests.RequestID  LEFT OUTER Join (Select * from tblWsjf where ItemType =1)tblWsjf On tblRequests.RequestID = tblWsjf.ItemID  Left outer Join tblAgileFeatureGroup On tblAgileFeatureGroup.FeatureGroupID = tblRequests.ParentRequestID  Left OUTER Join tblAgileTheme ON tblAgileTheme.ThemeID = tblRequests.Theme  Left outer Join (SELECT * FROM tblAgileFeatureGroup WHERE EpicObjectID = 2) tblParentEpics On tblParentEpics.FeatureGroupID = tblAgileFeatureGroup.ParentID  Left outer Join tblAgileTheme tPTheme  On tblAgileFeatureGroup.ThemeID = tPTheme.ThemeID OR tblParentEpics.ThemeID = tPTheme.ThemeID LEFT OUTER JOIN tblFunctionalArea on tblFunctionalArea.Function_ID = tblRequests.Function_ID  LEFT OUTER JOIN tblAgileObjectSprints ON tblAgileObjectSprints.Type = 1 AND tblRequests.RequestID = tblAgileObjectSprints.ItemID  LEFT OUTER JOIN (  select 1 as ItemType, tblAgileFeatureGroup.FeatureGroupID as ItemID, MIN(tblAgileFeatureGroup.Rank) as ParentProgramRank   from tblAgileFeatureGroup  where InRecycleBin is null  and IterationGroup in (223)  and tblAgileFeatureGroup.Rank is not null  group by tblAgileFeatureGroup.FeatureGroupID  union  select 2 as ItemType, t1.FeatureGroupID as ItemID, MIN(t2.Rank)  from tblAgileFeatureGroup t1 inner join tblFeatureGroupMultiProgramRel t2 on t1.FeatureGroupID = t2.FeatureGroupID  where InRecycleBin is null  and t2.ProgramID in (223)  and t1.IterationGroup not in (223)  and t2.Rank is not null  group by t1.FeatureGroupID  )tParent on tParent.ItemID = tblRequests.ParentRequestID  Left OUTER Join (select 0 as ItemID, 0 as Rank)tParentRelease On tParentRelease.ItemID = tblRequests.ParentRequestID  Left OUTER Join (select 0 as ObjectID, 0 as Rank)tSolutionRank On tSolutionRank.ObjectID = tblRequests.RequestID  Left OUTER Join ( select ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY BacklogType, FeatureRank, Title) AS ProgramRank_Display, ItemID from  ( select ItemID, MIN(ISNULL(FeatureRank,9999)) as FeatureRank, BacklogType, Title from (  select 1 as ItemSortType, RequestID as ItemID, Rank, FeatureRank, ReleaseRank, BacklogType, Title      from tblRequests      where RequestID > 0 and InRecycleBin is null and tblRequests.ProductID in (223)  union  select 2 as ItemSortType, t1.RequestID as ItemID, t2.Rank as P_Rank, t2.FeatureRank as P_FeatureRank, 9999 as ReleaseRank, t1.BacklogType, t1.Title       from tblRequests t1 inner join tblRequestMultiProgramRel t2 on t1.RequestID = t2.RequestID       where t2.ProgramID in (223)       and t1.ProductID not in (223)       and t1.InRecycleBin is null   )w group by ItemID, BacklogType, Title  )x  ) tProgramRankDisplay On tProgramRankDisplay.ItemID = tblRequests.RequestID  Left OUTER Join     (select t1.Feature, count(*) as TotalStories,     SUM(ISNULL(Dfficulty, 0)) as TotalPoints,     SUM(case when demostatusdate is not null then ISNULL(Dfficulty, 0) else 0 end) as TotalAcceptedPoints from tblAgileStory t1  left outer join tblIteration ti on ti.IterationID = t1.Iteration where t1.StoryID > 0  AND t1.IterationGroup in (223) and ISNULL(t1.StoryType,1) <> 9 and t1.Feature is not null group by t1.Feature)tfs on tfs.Feature = tblRequests.RequestID  Left OUTER Join tblAgileState On tblAgileState.ID = ISNULL(tblRequests.StatusID,0)  Left OUTER Join sysmemberpermssion sx ON sx.UID = tblRequests.UserID  Left OUTER Join(     SELECT RequestID, count(*) as TotalMultiplePrograms,     STUFF((SELECT '','' + COALESCE(LTRIM(RTRIM(tx.ProgramID)), '''')      FROM tblRequestMultiProgramRel tx where tx.RequestID = e.RequestID     FOR XML PATH('''') ), 1, 1, '''' ) as MultiplePrograms,      STUFF((SELECT '','' + COALESCE(LTRIM(RTRIM(trg.GroupName)), '''')      FROM tblRequestMultiProgramRel tx      inner join tblIterationReportGroup trg on trg.GroupID = tx.ProgramID     where tx.RequestID = e.RequestID     FOR XML PATH('''') ), 1, 1, '''' ) as MultipleProgramNames      FROM tblRequestMultiProgramRel e     group by RequestID     ) tmp on tmp.RequestID = tblRequests.RequestID  left outer join ( Select 0 as ObjectID, 0 as LifeCycleStateID, 0 as DaysInProcessStep, 0 as TotalAllowedProcessStepDays, 0 as TotalTimeInValueStream) tWipHistory on tWipHistory.ObjectID = tblRequests.RequestID  left outer join ( Select NULL as LifeCycleProgramSetID, NULL as ProgramID) tPset on tPset.ProgramID = tblRequests.ProductID  where tblRequests.RequestID > 0  And tblRequests.InRecycleBin is null )temp where 1 = 1 and ProgramID <> -1  ORDER BY   BacklogType, IsNull(FeatureRank,2147483647), ItemName'
         timestamp: 2021-06-24T15:51:46.174000-04:00
         url: https://att.jiraalign.com:443/AjaxFiles/AjaxPrioritize.asp?ActionType=4&intReleaseID=-1&intProgramID=223&isValueStream=False&ObjectID=3
         urlverb: POST
         user: 33397


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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