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Forecast - Team Week Capacity Values are set to zero until the "Plan Capacity" button is clicked.


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      Issue Summary

      In the forecast module, the Team Week available capacity will show as 0 until the following manual steps are taken:

      Click on 'Plan Capacity'
      Enter in the PI and the desired Prgram to update
      Click 'Save Settings'
      Refresh the Forecast page.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Make sure Team Weeks is configured in Jira Align
      2. Navigate to the Forecast Page
      3. View Type - Agile by Team
      4. View the Team Week Capacities by Program in Each column:

      Expected Results

      Team Week is supposed to create capacity based on the number of weeks in the PI. In the example above, the Web Program should already show 72/72 available team weeks without manual intervention.

      Actual Results

      From the screenshot above, the Web Program Team week capacity is listed as 72/0, with zero being available team weeks.


      Click Plan Capacity.
      In the Plan Capacity pop up window, Enter Program and Enter PI.
      Save the changes
      Refresh the page.
      At this point, the available weeks should show up properly:

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